10 Ways to Go Green at UNL

Monday, September 11, 2017
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Reusable water bottle being filled at water filling station
Reusable water bottle being filled at water filling station

1. Sustainability Golden Rule: Recycle
The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about sustainability is recycling; But where and how? Save the recyclables for the blue bins in your dorm or ask your college what they're doing to recycle in classrooms. Be a true Husker fan and volunteer with Go Green for Big Red, the recycling program that saves thousands of pounds of recyclables from the landfill during game days.

2. Switch from Disposables to Reusables
UNL has awesome sensor activated water bottle fountains that tell you how many disposable bottles you've diverted from the landfill. Bring a reusable tote to the grocery store and save yourself the hassle of those pesky plastic bags.

3. Conserve Water
Water is a necessary resource that is depleting quickly. Take the Water Footprint Calculator, and find out how much water you are actually using. Then, participate in water saving activities like Meatless Mondays, shorter showers, and less shopping.

4. Save Electricity
If you practice enough, you can do this one without even thinking about it. Turn off all the lights when you leave a room and don’t let fans and power strips running. When the Nebraska winter hits, save on electricity by putting on another sweater instead of turning up the heat.

5. Make Laundry Efficient
It's no secret, laundry in the dorms can get a little pricey. Make sure your loads are worth the price, and the water spent.

6. Make it a Zero Waste Event
Zero Waste is achieving 90% or more waste diversion from landfills. Your event can do it with a little help from UNL Recycling Coordinators. Even if you’re not in charge, bring up the idea of a Zero Waste Event and start diverting!

7. Travel Efficiently for the Environment and Your Wallet
There's a way to avoi d traffic and rising gas prices and help the environment. Grab a friend to carpool or use your free bus pass to hitch a ride all over campus. Bike UNL is a great resource for finding bike routes, bike events, and a community to bike with.

8. Get Involved with the Ever -Growing Campus Movement
UNL boasts many ways to get involved with sustainability on campus. Whether you join the ASUN's Environmental Sustainability Committee, Sustain UNL, or come up with your own project proposal for the Green Fund, there is always a way to help save the environment.

9. Learn from the Experts Themselves
UNL is proud to offer over 300 courses about and relating to sustainability. Any ace or major requirement can be sustainability related! Enroll in one for next semester and follow our twitter for more sustainability tips.

10. Make a Green Goal
Make a green goal this semester and follow your progress throughout. Whether it's participating in Meatless Mondays, taking shorter showers every week, or pledging to use electronic notes rather than paper; You have the power to make a difference for the world and for yourself.