6 Tips for a Sustainable Valentine's Day

Monday, February 5, 2018
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This month, give a little love not only to your friends, family, and significant other, but also to the environment! Here’s 6 ways you can have a more sustainable Valentine's Day:

1. Opt for DYI cards

Nothing says “I love you” more than a handwritten, homemade card from your sweetheart. Instead of indulging in one pre-made card, put your creativity into a sweet note for your loved one using recycled paper. Not only is it more sentimental, but you’ll also save some trees!

DIY Valentine's Card

2. Trade the Hershey’s Kisses for some fair-trade chocolates

Cash out the extra change for some wholesome fair-trade chocolates. In purchasing fair-trade chocolates, you’re supporting fair paid workers and farmers that grow the chocolates in safe and environmentally friendly working conditions.

Fair trade chocolate

3. Plant some flowers instead of picking flowers

Instead of picking some flowers up at your local grocery store, head over to a nursery and pick out some of your favorite flowers to plant your very own garden. You’ll get to spend some quality time with your loved one, while nurturing plants to life.

Planting flowers

4. Nothing is more romantic than a farm to table meal

Skip the over-priced meals and over-the-top restaurants. Settle in for a home-cooked farm to table meal, made with fresh and organic produce.

Farm to table vegetables

5. Use what you already have

Make a collage of pictures or my favorite idea for a sustainable gift in a t-shirt quilt. Grab some old t-shirts that have meaning to you or your loved one and stitch it together into a quilt! A whole lot of memories for you to snuggle up with whenever you please.

T-shirt quilt

6. Bundle up your gift in a reusable bag

When it’s all said and done, pile all your gifts into a nice reusable bag. This way, you will be saving paper/plastic and you’ll be able to use the bag for grocery shopping or running errands! Cute and resourceful!

Reusable bags