All About the Wildlife Club

Wednesday, February 2, 2022
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Wildlife Club - group of students gathered after picking up trash
Wildlife Club - group of students gathered after picking up trash

UNL Wildlife Club’s mission is to provide guidance and further knowledge about specific wildlife, promote and stimulate interest in wildlife, provide cultural and social development of members, provide opportunities in leadership, increase cooperation with organizations concerned with wildlife, and acquaint interested students and faculty members with the wildlife field. We have meetings twice a month on Wednesday evenings and we do a variety of activities, such as guest speakers, fun activities, and outings.

A speaker we’ve had this year was Shaun Dunn, a zoologist for Nebraska Game and Parks. An example of a fun activity is Wildlife Encounters Night, when we have Wildlife Encounters bring some animals and tell us about them, and students get up close and hands on interactions. An example of an outing is the Stream Cleanup where we take an hour or so and clean up the trash in and around Dead Man’s Run on East Campus (pictured above). Another popular outing we do is the Canoe Trip, where we go up to Valentine, Nebraska for a weekend and canoe on the Niobrara.

While these events occurred in the fall semester, we have lots of fun activities planned for this semester as well! Some activities include a Morrill Hall scavenger hunt, learning about deer and bird aging, and trivia night. An important event this semester is the 60th Annual Wildlife Club Banquet on March 26th. The Banquet involves a catered dinner, a silent auction, award presentations, and a keynote speaker who this year is Tim McCoy, the director of Nebraska Game and Parks. Students, UNL faculty (including President Carter and CASNR dean Tiffany Heng-Moss), natural resource professionals, and anyone who is interested is invited to attend the banquet. Tickets are $20 and will be available to purchase from Wildlife Club members or a website starting in early February. 

Learn more by visiting the Wildlife Club on social media, @unlwildlifeclub on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter