Campus Planning and Environment

Thursday, March 17, 2022
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Students studying in front of Love Library
Students studying in front of Love Library

Emily Deeker is the Director of Campus Planning and Environment for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In this position she serves as the Campus Planner as well as the Campus Landscape Architect with responsibilities for the implementation and updating of UNL’s Physical Campus Master Plan and ensuring alignment of the campus physical environment with the University’s strategic plan. As the Campus Planner, Emily assists in guiding campus projects and initiatives through campus planning processes and committees as well as directly advising the Chancellor and Executive Leadership Team regarding physical campus plan development, implementation, and strategic alignment.

The campus physical master plan provides a framework for growth and development that reflects the mission of the university. While often viewed as a map of existing and proposed buildings, greenspace, recreation spaces, parking, and infrastructure, the principles outlined within the master plan framework can greatly impact how sustainable and resilient a campus becomes as it develops. Much has changed with the campus physical environment since the 2013 Plan Big was adopted, including the recently adopted Environment, Sustainability, and Resilience Master Plan. Where the Campus Master Plan focuses on growth and development, the Environment, Sustainability, and Resilience Master Plan lays out a roadmap for campus to achieve a more sustainable and resilient campus community. Looking at these two plans as complimentary frameworks within the current Campus Master Plan Update, there is an opportunity to support sustainability and resiliency concepts within the campus development goals.