Chancellor's Sustainability Commission

The Chancellor’s Sustainability Commission (CSC) provides strategic recommendations on the integration of sustainable practices across all major constituencies of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. The CSC works in close coordination with the UNL Sustainability Office.

You can read about the CSC's Formation and its responsibilities as put forth by the Chancellor in this document.

CSC Working Groups

The commission developed and appointed working groups to identify resources needed to drive UNL on a sustainable path, develop a timeline and coordinate efforts to accomplish tasks. The commission chair works with CSC members in finding representatives from the campus community who are experts in their field for each working group. Each working group presents their proposal, timeline and progress during the CSC meetings.

Below is a list of current CSC members and working groups.

CSC Chair
Name Representation
Prabhakar Shrestha Office of Sustainability
Academics and Research
Name Representation
Dave Gosselin Faculty (recommendation from Faculty Senate)
Linda Major Center for Civic Engagement
Tuyen Huynh Graduate Student (1) – One year term
Campus Operations and Planning
Name Representation
Emily Casper Facilities Planning & Construction
Jennifer Dam Institutional Research & Planning
Kirk Conger Facilities Maintenance & Operations
Public Outreach and Engagement
Name Representation
Joy Castro Faculty (recommendation from Faculty Senate)
Linda Major Center for Civic Engagement
Michelle Waite Office of the Chancellor
Morgan Battes Undergraduate Student (1) –One year term
Rod Chambers Student Affairs
Recycling and Procurement
Name Representation
Amber Brannigan Business and Finance
Brad Isham University Athletics
Milo Mumgaard City of Lincoln
Rich Wahl Recycling Office