Chief Procurement Officer

Thursday, April 21, 2022
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I am the Chief Procurement Officer for the University System. The inherent nexus procurement has with sustainability, such as dealing with global supply chains, along with my strategic planning background, has made me a natural fit to help our University System continue its great work on sustainability. It has been rewarding meeting students, facility, and staff that have an equal passion for this effort.

My connection with sustainability started when I was a young Nebraskan and seeing the impact farms played on the world around me. I remember the first time my father explained how Nebraska corn helps feed the rest of the world, I began to view the world differently in that moment. It was clear even as a young Nebraskan, we are all connected.

My role in the University System is to help ensure all voices are heard as WE create a University-wide Sustainability Plan. I have had the opportunity to help create other strategic plans involving several other topics and I am eager to help with this plan. Additionally, I have spent a significant portion of my professional career working in the global supply chain space and every day I see the literal impact it has on our environment. We are global citizens and the decisions we make, impact other parts of the world.

Lastly, I’m a very proud Nebraskan. Our ability to continue the already great sustainability efforts made, means future Nebraskans get to enjoy our great state for generations to come. Our University is second to none at creating future leaders in research, innovation, technology, and agriculture, just to name a few. We can also be the leaders in sustainability through thoughtful discussion, passionate debate, and determined focus.