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Wednesday, December 1, 2021
Written by:
Breanna Epp
Breanna Epp

It’s been almost a year and a half since I started as the graphic design intern for the Office of Sustainability. It feels like it’s only been a couple of months, but I guess the saying is true, time does fly when you’re having fun. Looking back at all of the work that I’ve done with the office, I am eternally grateful at the opportunities to not only grow as a person and designer but to help my community.

The office of sustainability helps educate the community on most sustainability related topics. We host events like the Sustainability Summit and our newest Sustainability on Wheels series. It’s my job to help move the process along through social media and signage for the events. I create the advertisements to get people around campus to come. Each time I’m working on a project I have to decide on the colors, the typefaces and fonts, and the style I want to go for. I can choose illustrations or photos. I can choose whether I want big blocks of color or go for a more simple color palette. While sometimes it can be frustrating to try and come up with the idea for each individual project, I love working through the brainstorming process. 

All of the projects that I’ve been able to work on have each provided me with a different learning opportunity because of their wide variety. Some of the projects that I loved working on include the infographics for the Waste and Recycling office, creating signage for the Garth Brooks concert, creating a new video series starring Patty the squirrel, and creating an entire brand for Sustainability on Wheels. I also got to design the Environment Sustainability and Resilience Master Plan for the Chancellor’s Commission, which was published and released to the entire university system. It was a long process that required me to turn the 35ish pages into something polished and professional. It’s not all publication design though, I get to have fun with the social media posts and themes that my team comes up with ranging from national dog month to  intersectional environmentalism. Our goal is always to educate the general public on how they can be more sustainable in their lives from changing their dog toys to reading up more, to going out and picking up trash. 

Overall, my time at the Office of Sustainability has provided me with many skills that I will use after I’m gone, (even if I don’t really want to leave). I also hope that I have made a lasting impact on the university and on the community