logo of UNL's Green Team: EcoHuskers

This program is currently paused.

EcoHuskers are faculty and staff green teams program that seeks to promote positive environmental behavior in the university community through peer-to-peer engagement.

EcoHuskers implement sustainability programming in their respective buildings, helping to conserve resources and increase awareness of sustainability-related issues.

Students and employees learning how to perform waste audits

Participating Pilot Buildings

image of Keim Hall

City Campus

  • Andersen Hall
  • Architecture Hall
  • Campus Rec Center
  • FMP Building
  • Landscape Services
  • Love Library

East Campus

  • Agricultural Hall
  • Hardin Hall
  • Home Econonics Building
  • Forestry Hall
  • Recreation & Wellness Center

If you see your building on this list and would like to get involved, or if your building is not listed and you would like to start a green team, please send us an email at sustainability@unl.edu.

Program Goals

 Students learning more about sustainability.
Students learning more about sustainability
  • Educate and engage UNL community members about sustainable practices and build social norms around efficient environmental behavior
  • Reduce resource consumption and environmental impact (decrease water and electricity usage, increase recycling and waste diversion, and decrease total carbon emissions)
  • Recognize leaders in campus sustainability efforts
  • Increase environmental awareness and leadership among UNL faculty, staff, and students

Opportunities As An EcoHusker

Students learning more about sustainability
  • Work with peers to create positive change
  • Learn about campus initiatives
  • Shape the campus and workplace environment
  • Improve health and wellness, reduce environmental impact, and improve cost savings
  • Network across campus
  • Receive regular updates on sustainability related activities


Green Office Guide Checklist

Don't know what you can do to increase pro-environmental behavior in your office or building? Use this checklist for ideas. Let us know if you need help implementing any of the actions.

Download the EcoHuskers Checklist

Plan a Sustainability Event

If you would like to hold a sustainability event at your building, email us at sustainability@unl.edu for guidance and resources.

Past Projects

  • E-waste Recycling
  • Zero-Waste Events
  • Composting
  • Sustainable Behavior Incentive Programs
  • Green Office Certification