A Path to Environmental Legislature

Wednesday, March 17, 2021
Written by:
Rachel Summers
Rachel Summers

Hi! My name is Rachel Summers and I am an Environmental Studies major at UNL. I am currently studying to go into Environmental Law where I hope to eventually write environmental legislature, putting a focus on the need for sustainable practices and social justice issues within current policies. 

Since starting my internship at the Office of Sustainability this past January, I have been working with data from the STARS program and figuring out ways to improve the university’s scores and overall sustainability. My first and current project has been analyzing construction and demolition waste data of UNL and other universities, looking for ways we can adopt policies to be a more sustainable school. 

Working at the Office of Sustainability has been an amazing opportunity for me to become familiar with how policies are developed and created at a university level. In my future at the office, I hope to be able to take on my own projects and really influence more sustainable policies that would be implemented at UNL!