The Power of Campus Collaboration

Thursday, March 11, 2021
Written by:
Damien Niyonshuti
Damien Niyonshuti

Hi, I am Damien, and it's been a good six months interning with the Office as a Sustainability specialist.

My big goal has been to consult with various Sustainability focused Student groups on campus to provide insight and support on their green projects and create a deeper connection with the Office. One of the big projects I co-directed lately was the 'Mission Compost' Pilot project, a project intended to introduce green bins to encourage biodegradable waste segregation in Selleck and Union buildings. Phase I of data collection had a good turnout, and Phase II is underway to launch this April during Earthstock season.

As a Senator too at the ASUN Student Government, I deployed this privilege to foster a more vigorous mobilization effort for the student body to support various Sustainability programming of the Office. Alluding to this, last month, I passed two legislations at Senate: One was a resolution for the ASUN Student body to support the implementation of 'The 2020 Sustainability Masterplan'. The other was to act in support for the new 'Recycling Renovation Pilot project' led by the UNL Recycling Office. It brings me much joy to blend my campus involvements like this to make a meaningful impact.

Besides the student engagement side of things though, I am also currently working on the Greenhouse Gases Inventory for this year. This is a reporting tool that helps keep track of GHG Emissions for our University in its daily operations. Crunching these large volumes of data has been quite challenging yet rewarding.

Overall, having a supportive team has made my experience be nothing short of fantastic! I look forward to collaborating more to help our University improve to achieve its sustainability goals sooner than later.