Student Organizations

Student organizations at UNL offer opportunities to explore the principles of sustainability, develop knowledge, talents, and passions, and positively impact both campus and community.

Our students pioneer initiatives like Bike Share, challenge their peers to adopt sustainable habits through EcoReps, express their passions through discussions and art shows, compete nationally to conserve energy, and express that we all can be stewards of our planet.

ASUN Student organization banner
ASUN Student organization banner
Environmental Leadership Program's Sustainability Roundtable
Environmental Leadership Program's Sustainability Roundtable

The Association of Students of the University of Nebraska (ASUN) is the official student government of UNL students. ASUN is comprised of various committees addressing diverse topics affecting students. Students interested in sustainability and student government can participate in the Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC) or the Environmental Leadership Program (ELP). Visit ASUN to learn more and get involved.

Environmental Sustainability Committee

ESC is the student government’s main outlet for sustainability initiatives. The Committee presents new opportunities and facilitates continuing projects every year that foster environmental stewardship, knowledge in sustainability, and community outreach. ESC has been highly active since its inception in 2011, and continues to engage UNL in improving campus sustainability. Committee members also develop young leaders through their mentor role with the Environmental Leadership Program.


  • Students can apply every spring to serve on ESC. The ESC Appointments Board conducts interviews with candidates and selects 15 members before the summer to serve during the next academic year.
  • Committee members can present student government bills to the committee to present to the Student Senate.
  • The ESC Chair serves on the ASUN executive committee.
Environmental Leadership Program

ELP is a program targeted at developing Freshmen and Sophomores into leaders in sustainability on campus. Twenty students are paired with an ESC member and assist on their projects. The ELP class facilitates the Sustainability Roundtable every Fall, bringing together local experts in areas such as waste, food, water, policy, transportation, energy, and more. In the Spring, ELP implements their own project original to that year’s class.


  • Freshmen and Sophomore students can apply every Fall to participate in ELP. The ELP Appointments Board interviews each candidate in the Fall and selects 20 students to engage in the program.
  • ELP members learn about campus sustainability, event organization, drafting legislation, community outreach, and much more by working with an ESC member.
  • ELP also hosts one event each semester to promote campus sustainability.
  • The ELP Director and Associate Director are appointed by the ASUN President and approved by the Senate.
Sustain UNL
Sustain UNL tie-dyeing event
UNL students participate in a tie-dyeing event
Sustain UNL Prairie Walk
Students learn and discover during a Prairie Walk

Sustain UNL is an aggregate of students from diverse backgrounds coming together to create a sustainable world through activism, education, and service-engagement. We work to promote environmental sustainability on campus and in the Lincoln community through workshops, community service events, fundraisers, socials, and weekly meetings. Our campaigns this last year included replacing the balloon release tradition at football games, encouraging the University of Nebraska system to divest from the fossil fuel industry, “Code Red” which is designed to educated students on sustainable period products, and many others. We stand with open arms to anyone who is looking for a place on campus where they can be surrounded by wonderful, passionate people that have a dream to ensure a livable future for everyone on Earth. Contact us at and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @SustainUNL


  • Sustain UNL meets weekly in the City Campus Union. Interested students are welcome to join and attend meetings throughout the year.
  • Sustain UNL offers students opportunities to organize community service events and fundraisers, recruit new members, and work with members of the Student Government as well as the Office of Sustainability.

New to campus this year, this organization empower students to advocate for science-based, equitable solutions to the climate crisis to ensure a safe and healthy future for everyone. They believe in democracy, evidence, and justice for all, and believe legislators need to hear a wave of voices speaking up on behalf of the planet. This RSO proudly partners closely with Our Climate ( For more information reach out to

Emerging Green Builders

The club is a means of gathering all students interested in Green/Sustainable design from different colleges that may not be in contact otherwise. Together, the group will attend lectures and workshops put on by the United States Green Building Council, learn the policies and procedures of LEED design and professional certification, promote and support the Universities in becoming more environmentally friendly, and create contacts within Engineering and Architecture forms which support these building standards. This will be a chapter of the University of Nebraska Lincoln of the national organization of Emerging Green Builders. Please see for more information or contact Avery Schwer.

Environmental and Agricultural Law Society

Environmental and Agricultural Law Society facilitates awareness and discussion of the law concerning the use of natural resources and the protection of the environment. The society provides a vehicle for its members to work cooperatively on research projects, legislation, and other activities of interest. Sign-up to participate or reach out to

Fix-it Friday
Fix-it-Friday is the one and only place on campus where you can make your textile items look and feel brand new! We will fix anything we can stick a needle through including clothes, backpacks, and shoes entirely for free! Repairing items instead of buying new ones helps UNL students save money and reduce waste which is better for everyone. Our hours change each semester, but you can find us every Friday in the Nebraska Union ready to take on the next challenge! For updates, to join our team, and to see our mending projects check us out on Instagram and Facebook @fixitfridayunl!
Three women with fake mustaches.
Green Fund
The Green Fund was created in 2016, to provide money for student-led projects directed towards improving overall environmental sustainability on campus. Ran by ASUN, a team of committee members reviews project proposals, provides guidance and support, and assists applicants in securing necessary funding from student government, if needed. All UNL students are welcome to apply for Green Fund for their project needs whether it be traveling to a sustainability conference to building a green wall to funding a documentary showing at the university. The possibilities are endless! For more information please visit our website or contact us at
Circle with two stylized leaves and drop of water creating a plant.
Greeks Go Green
Greeks Go Green is a new student organization on campus that provides a community for members of Greek Life to collaborate on sustainability projects and to make sustainable changes within their chapters. All Greek chapters are welcome to send 2 representatives to attend meetings on their behalf. Our initiatives conform around what YOU want to change about your chapter to make it more environmentally-friendly. For more information and to join, please email or like us on Facebook.
Handmade Greek Go Green poster hanging from folding table.
Latins for Natural Resources
Through education, opportunity, and friendship, Latins for Natural Resources is dedicated to connecting our students and communities with natural resource opportunities and experiences that will promote the diverse use and protection of our public lands. Our goal is to improve local-to-state environmental, natural resources, and conservation awareness. We serve to take action on issues that affect Latinx and other underrepresented communities in Natural Resources. For more information please visit our website.
Two people sitting on rocky wilderness, silhouetted by a sunset.
UNL Thirst Project
The Thirst Project aims to build a socially conscious generation of young people who end the global water crisis. We do this by educating students about the water crisis and activating them to rock the clean water cause and build real water projects all over the world. Why water? Health and Sanitation: Waterborne diseases kill more children every single year than AIDS, Malaria, and all world violence combined. Small children typically do not have strong enough immune systems to fight diseases like cholera, dysentery, or schistosomiasis. For more information, please contact us at or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.
Joyous children and people surround newly operating water pump.
Soil and Water Resources Club
The UNL Soil and Water Resources Club was established to:
  1. provide educational and leadership opportunities and training outside of the conventional classroom
  2. stimulate interests in soil and water resources, environmental restoration, and ecological engineering among UN-L students
  3. foster a spirit of cooperation and mutual helpfulness among students and faculty in order to advance the science and art of good land and water use
  4. promote a more conductive relationship between the school and the local community; and
  5. establish relationships with other SWCS and AEES student chapters.
For more information and to sign up, please email Tom Franti.
Man with clipboard standing long grasses near creek.
Student Organic Farm
The UNL Student Organic Farm is a collective of students committed to making UNL greener, teaching students to grow their own food, and helping to feed the homeless and working poor of Lincoln. We employ ecologically sound growing techniques that can be used in your own backyard such as: intercroping, companion planting, establishing native pollinator habitat, composting, broadforking, and more. We currently donate of our harvest to Lincoln People's City Mission and Huskers Helping Huskers. Volunteers are able to bring home whatever produce they help grow. For more information and to start volunteering, please contact us at
Man with clipboard standing long grasses near creek.
UNL Ducks Unlimited Chapter

The purpose of the University of Nebraska Lincoln (UNL) Chapter of Ducks Unlimited is to inform students about North American wetlands and the many important ways each person can help in preservation, restoration, and protection. The major goals shall be,

  1. Increase student body membership with Ducks Unlimited Incorporated.
  2. Raise funds for Ducks Unlimited Incorporated.
  3. The ultimate goal is to put habitat on the ground.

For more information, find us on Facebook or email the 2020 President Ben Wetovick.

Wildlife Club
The Wildlife Club is a student organization that brings together students interested in wildlife & environmental education. We are a member of The Wildlife Society, an organization that encourages "humans and wildlife to co-exist," by creating a community of wildlife professionals dedicated to conservation and interaction by scientific means. We work to promote and stimulate interest in wildlife and to provide opportunities to develop leadership in our members. For more information, please visit our website, follow us on Facebook, or email us at
Group standing base of a waterfall.
Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Student Association
CIVE Graduate Students Association (CIVE GSA) - founded in February 2018 - is a student-run and student-elected organization that exercises the student governance of affairs and collaborations. It is a space that takes action around issues that graduate students are concerned about and aims to promote student advocacy on a departmental level. Involvement in CIVE GSA is a great way to gain leadership experience and to learn about the administration. Contact us at visit our website, or follow us on Facebook.

Is your organization interested in collaborating with the Office of Sustainability? Below are questions for you to consider and use to start the conversation with the office.

1. Have you ever heard of the Office of Sustainability?

2. Do you know what Sustainability means? If no, what do you think it means?

3. What Projects are you currently working on that are Sustainability related?

4. a. What ideas do you have to advance Sustainability?

b. What are those projects?

c. Do you want to participate in E.N Thompson Competition with your sustainability idea?

5. How can we work with you all to advance those idea?

6. What can we do to promote your initiatives at the OS?