Student Leadership

Student organizations at UNL offer opportunities to explore the principles of sustainability, develop knowledge, talents, and passions, and positively impact both campus and community.

Our students pioneer initiatives like Bike Share, challenge their peers to adopt sustainable habits through EcoReps, express their passions through discussions and art shows, compete nationally to conserve energy, and express that we all can be stewards of our planet.


ASUN Student organization banner
ASUN Student organization banner
Environmental Leadership Program's Sustainability Roundtable
Environmental Leadership Program's Sustainability Roundtable

The Association of Students of the University of Nebraska (ASUN) is the official student government of UNL students. ASUN is comprised of various committees addressing diverse topics affecting students. Students interested in sustainability and student government can participate in the Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC) or the Environmental Leadership Program (ELP). Visit ASUN to learn more and get involved.

Environmental Sustainability Committee

ESC is the student government’s main outlet for sustainability initiatives. The Committee presents new opportunities and facilitates continuing projects every year that foster environmental stewardship, knowledge in sustainability, and community outreach. ESC has been highly active since its inception in 2011, and continues to engage UNL in improving campus sustainability. Committee members also develop young leaders through their mentor role with the Environmental Leadership Program.

  • Students can apply every spring to serve on ESC. The ESC Appointments Board conducts interviews with candidates and selects 15 members before the summer to serve during the next academic year.
  • Committee members can present student government bills to the committee to present to the Student Senate.
  • Ad Hoc members include the Sustain UNL President and the ELP Director.
  • The ESC Chair serves on the ASUN executive committee.
Environmental Leadership Program

ELP is a program targeted at developing Freshmen and Sophomores into leaders in sustainability on campus. Twenty students are paired with an ESC member and assist on their projects. The ELP class facilitates the Sustainability Roundtable every Fall, bringing together local experts in areas such as waste, food, water, policy, transportation, energy, and more. In the Spring, ELP implements their own project original to that year’s class.

  • Freshmen and Sophomore students can apply every Fall to participate in ELP. The ELP Appointments Board interviews each candidate in the Fall and selects 20 students to engage in the program.
  • ELP members learn about campus sustainability, event organization, drafting legislation, community outreach, and much more by working with an ESC member.
  • ELP also hosts one event each semester to promote campus sustainability.
  • The ELP Director and Associate Director are appointed by the ASUN President and approved by the Senate.

Sustain UNL

Sustain UNL tie-dyeing event
UNL students participate in a tie-dyeing event
Sustain UNL Prairie Walk
Students learn and discover during a Prairie Walk

With over 500 different RSO’s at UNL, Sustain UNL is the prominent student organization dedicated to encouraging students to live, learn, and lead for the environment. Sustain UNL has hosted workshops, community service events, fundraisers, socials, and weekly meetings to help interested student take the next step towards being good stewards of the environment. The President of Sustain UNL serves as an ad hoc member of the ASUN Environmental Sustainability Committee. Visit their Facebook page to learn more and get involved.

  • Sustain UNL meets weekly in the City Campus Union. Interested students are welcome to join and attend meetings throughout the year.
  • Sustain UNL offers students opportunities to organize community service events and fundraisers, recruit new members, and work with members of the Student Government as well as the Office of Sustainability.

Chancellor’s Commission on Environmental Sustainability

This committee, comprising of faculty, staff, and students, develops and recommends to the Chancellor and senior administration environmentally responsible practices and policies and programs. One undergraduate and one graduate student serve on the Commission each year.

The student representatives are recommended by the ASUN and Graduate Student Association Presidents to serve on the Commission. The Director of Sustainability makes the final appointment of student representatives each year. For more information and a list of former policy recommendations from the Commission visit here.

Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability develops strategies to advance campus sustainability endeavors, create action plans to implement them, and provides support for sustainability initiatives within the UNL campuses and community. The initiatives are developed in order to create a culture of students, faculty and staff who are socially, economically and environmentally responsible. Students are integral part of the office. If you'd like to work with the Office of Sustainability in addressing some local environmental challenges through a class project, senior thesis or an internship, please contact us, and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

  • The UNL Office of Sustainability takes on interns to conduct important work in sustainability.
  • The Office can also connect students who want to take on projects with other students, faculty, and staff members to work together.
  • Contact your Office of Sustainability with any questions, concerns, or initiatives to improve campus sustainability at