Students to Practice Sustainable Planning in CRPL 495/895

Monday, December 4, 2017
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View Of Nebraska Campus
View Of Nebraska Campus

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s new CRPL 495/895 sustainable planning class will allow students to learn all aspects of sustainability on campus and make their own sustainability plan.

“I hope students take away an added understanding of how everything from our smallest daily decisions to really big picture things like heating and cooling work at an institution of this size,” said Dan Piatkowski, the professor for this course and assistant professor of community and regional planning.

The class will feature guest speakers talking about planning and examples of designing sustainability on campus. Students will also propose their own projects that will be evaluated for UNL. This includes making the components of a sustainability plan and researching the campus.

“This will be a great opportunity for students that have a special interest in sustainability,” Piatkowski said. “They can bring project ideas and work on it in this class.”

The class is open for seniors and graduate students and Piatkowski hopes students from all disciplines enroll.

“Sustainability is so broad that … it takes expertise from all these areas to come together and solve problems,” Piatkowski said.

CRPL 495/895 is now open for all students to enroll in on Myred.