Sustain UNL Elects Brittni McGuire for President

Wednesday, May 2, 2018
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UNL’s environmental awareness club Sustain UNL has announced their new executive committee for the upcoming school year. A new committee means new ideas and goals that work towards Sustain UNL’s same mission to create a sustainable world through activism, education, and service-engagement. We sat down with the newly elected president Brittni McGuire to learn more about what Sustain has in store for the fall.

Brittni McGuire is a soon-to-be sophomore Fisheries and Wildlife major. Coming into college, McGuire knew she wanted to do something to make the campus community a better place. “If it wasn’t for the support I received from being involved with Sustain UNL, I would not have had the courage or resources to accomplish all I did this past year,” said McGuire.

McGuire, along with a couple other members of Sustain UNL, received the Green Fund for a project called Fix-it Friday, that promotes circular fashion and sustainability. With the help of Sustain Exec members, this project has been a smashing success. “This is the reason being elected president of Sustain is so meaningful to me,” said McGuire. “I want to be the person who provides support and leadership to our members next year to help them accomplish their goals.”

McGuire is passionate about service engagement and hopes to increase the amount of service for the organization by having bi-weekly opportunities for the members to serve on and off campus. “Service engagement helps connect our community and create a better world,” McGuire said.

McGuire is also very passionate about pursuing a minimalist lifestyle and hopes to launch a campaign called Simple Living that emphasizes the importance of living a simple lifestyle. “We all have aspects of our life that we can simplify and I hope to spread that message to students and faculty on campus next year with the Simple Living campaign,” McGuire said.

Sustain UNL's mission to focus on education and community engagement remains the same. “We want to promote that sustainability is holistic and should be a part of everyone’s lives,” said McGuire. Sustain plans to work closely with the Office of Sustainability as well as other campus organizations to reach out to students from different backgrounds, colleges, and interests.

The new executive committee would like to work on diversifying their membership, as sustainability is a topic that affects everybody. “We want to encourage all majors to join Sustain and we plan to reach out to all of the colleges and provide education on how sustainability involves their interests,” said McGuire.

The team has many goals they hope to accomplish and have already envisioned what next year will look like. “We are all passionate about Sustain’s mission and are excited to see what we can accomplish in the upcoming year,” McGuire said. If you have any questions or are interested in joining Sustain UNL, feel free to contact Brittni McGuire and look out for the meetings that will take place every Thursday starting this Fall.