Sustain UNL: A Group of Environmentally Minded Students

Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Students gathering to protest
Students gathering to protest

Sustain UNL is an environmental RSO that started in 2011 with a handful of dedicated environmentally-minded students.Today, it holds strong as a pillar on campus and a way for students to get involved in several different environmental projects each year.

Sustain works to create a more sustainable world through activism, education and service engagement. We try to keep this in mind with everything we do including our general meetings, volunteer opportunities and protests. Whatever it is you want to do, Sustain has an outlet for it.

For students that are new to sustainability, we have subcommittees where you can learn more about different environmental initiatives such as sustainable living, fossil fuel divestment, and climate activism. For those that want to be more active in the organization and it’s reach on campus and the community, we have a plethora of sustainable chair positions from graphic designer to congressional chair.

This year, we are hoping to rebuild the strong community we had before covid-19. Join us for fun meetings every week that connect students with environmental leaders in our community and where you can share your voice about issues you care about. Outside of our general meetings we also get together for bonfires, thrifting events and hands-on volunteering projects such as stream clean-ups.

Feel free to get in touch with us by visiting our website, or following us on instagram @sustainunl.

Our general meetings are every Thursday from 7-8:00 PM in the Nebraska Union. We’d love to see you there!