Sustainable Travel Tips

Monday, November 25, 2019
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  1. Bring your own reusable water bottle. In many places, you will have a hard time finding a water fountain or will have to continuously purchase water bottles. To save money and time, bring your own bottle.
  2. Choose to travel by train, bus, or ship over flying. Flying is the worst form of transportation for the climate. It takes a lot of energy to get a multi-ton object in the air and to keep it there. Although traveling by train or bus isn't perfect, it reduces you emissions by more than you would think.  
  3. Hang up your towel after each use. Many hotels now have some sort of little sign saying to hang up your towels if you would like to reuse them or leave them on the floor if you would like them to be replaced. 
  4. Travel by public transportation, biking, or walking. When you reach your destination, look to see what is available to get around. In many places, they have bikes, scooters, subways, or buses which are way better environmentally than taking an Uber. 
  5. Refrain from buying brand new things for traveling. Of course, your class may require you to buy some things for your study abroad, but a new pair of flipflops or a dress may not be necessary. Especially since the fashion industry is a heavy polluter.
  6. Stay in hostels. Not only are hostels good for your pocketbook and help you make friends from all over the world, but they're better for the environment since they require less energy to power and optimize space more efficiently. 
  7. Keep your boarding pass or reservations on your phone. Nowadays many airlines and hotels are able to do everything electronically which reduces the amount of paper or materials that have to be printed out.
  8. Purchase carbon offsets. Traveling by plane releases a lot of carbon dioxide and investing in carbon offsets compensate for what you produce. What you do is calculate your carbon footprint then purchase your offsets from places such as Cool Effect or Sustainable Travel International