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Prabhakar Shrestha


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Prabhakar (Prabs) is UNL's first Sustainability Officer. His initial goal is to champion the cause of sustainability across different UNL entities and encourage sustainability practices that are efficient, smart and fitting to our culture in Nebraska. Prabs is currently involved in devising the Office of Sustainability's short term and long term goals.

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Nayelly Rodriguez Jimenez

Sustainability Specialist, GA

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Nayelly is currently pursuing her master's degree in Environmental Engineering. Her primary work with the office includes sustainability and carbon tracking for AASHE STARS, assisting in the development of the Chancellor’s Commission, and working with student groups to initiate sustainability projects. She is super exited to be part of the movement to make UNL the most sustainable campus in the Midwest! 

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Elizabeth Snyder

Communications Specialist, GA

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Elizabeth is currently pursuing her master's degree in Integrated Media Communications. At the office she oversees all communications including: social media, a monthly newsletter, OS website, press, as well as planning and promoting events and workshops on campus. She looks forward to raising awareness of sustainability on campus and encouraging others to make the #SmartChoice.

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Brittni McGuire

Sustainability Specialist, Undergraduate

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Brittni is a sophomore majoring in Fisheries & Wildlife with minors in Environmental Studies and Community & Regional Forestry and serves as president of Sustain UNL. At the office, she is working with student advisory boards to integrate sustainability into each college and helps guide students in developing and implementing their sustainability initiatives on campus. Her overall goal is to bring the UNL community together to strengthen the sustainability culture on campus and ensure a bright future for the generations of Huskers to come.

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Kat Woerner

Sustainability Specialist, Undergraduate

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Kat is a sophomore majoring in Economics, Environmental Studies, and Natural Resource Economics with a minor in Psychology. Her primary work with the office includes working with Dining, Procurement, Operations, and Landscape Services to increase UNL's AASHE STARS report, initiating sustainability projects with student groups, and organizing volunteer efforts across campus. 

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Amanda Wade

Graphic Design, Undergraduate

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Amanda is a senior pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design with a minor in Dance. At the office, she creates graphics for a variety of mediums including: social media, digital signage, posters and photography/videography. Her goal at the OS is to become well-versed in designing for social change and communicating sustainability through her work in order to raise awareness on the UNL campus. 

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Ipsita Mitra

Executive Secretary for CESRC, Doctoral Student

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Ipsita is a doctoral student in Geology, specializing in Structural Geology and Tectonics. She works with the CESRC to support the 7 action teams. She works with interdisciplinary academic backgrounds of faculty, staff and students from UNL to chalk out effective strategic plans in field areas- Campus Facilities, Campus Operations, Community Engagement, Health and Wellness, Teaching and Learning, Research and Innovation, Land Resource and Ecosystem. Her goal is to provide a basic workflow framework and direction in assisting their responsibilities. 

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Anthony Kohel

Recycling Coordinator, GA

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Anthony is currently pursuing his master's degree in Community and Regional Planning, and has been working as a Recycling Coordinator since August 2018. As a Recycling Coordinator, he works to ensure the recycling system on campus runs smoothly and efficiently.

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Kelechi Chibuikem

Recycling Coordinator, GA

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Kelechi is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Community and Regional Planning. He aims to build green and sustainable cities for the millennial generation. Ensuring a stable, clean and healthy environment is his drive as a recycling coordinator. Also a lover of urban design and culture, he has promoted Planning and Architectural campaigns in the City of Accra, Ghana.