Who We Are

Our Mission and Vision

Resources are Limited

We believe in doing all we can with what we have.

New Problems will Arise

We believe in the power of human innovation to solve problems.

Neither Nebraska nor the World will Wait

We believe that we must lead first and foremost by example but also through advocacy.


The Office of Sustainability develops strategies and action plans, and provides support for sustainability initiatives within the UNL campuses and community. These initiatives are developed in order to create a culture of faculty, staff and students who are socially, economically and environmentally responsible.


We strive to integrate sustainability into the core mission of the university through teaching, research, service and extension. We are committed to projects that make efficient use of our resources in order to create a more sustainable campus and community.

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Morgan Hartman

Sustainability Coordinator

 mhartman18@unl.edumail ico

Morgan Hartman currently leads UNL's Office of Sustainability as the Sustainability Coordinator. In this role, Morgan is focused on developing a comprehensive and efficient recycling operation in campus buildings through the current recycling pilot project, engaging with the UNL community through Sustainability on Wheels and other educational initiatives, and managing the process of data collection and submission to AASHE STARS. Morgan graduated from UNL in 2017 and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resource and Environmental Economics with a focus in Eco-Business and Sustainability and a minor in Leadership and Communication. She previously served as the Campus Recycling Coordinator and Waste Management and Recycling Manager for UNL. 

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Anna Oetting

Sustainability Program Assistant


 aoetting2@unl.edumail ico

Anna currently serves as the Sustainability Program Assistant for the Office of Sustainability. Some of Anna's roles include managing external communications of the office, applying for grant funding opportunities, and supporting the office's education and outreach activities. Anna completed her master's degree at UNL in Natural Resources specifically researching the motivations of instructors incorporating sustainability in their higher education courses. She is particularly interested in education programs that help connect communities to the land and systems surrounding them and the corresponding challenges and issues within. While with the office, Anna is excited to continue working with the UNL community to increase awareness and understanding of the different aspects of sustainability. 

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Rachel Summers

Sustainability Specialist, Undergraduate


 rsummers9@huskers.unl.edumail ico

Rachel is an Environmental Studies and Political Science student with a minor in Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs. At the office, she has worked on the S.T.A.R.S. report as well as various other projects. She is an advocate for intersectional environmentalism and wants to empower as many students as possible to get involved in sustainability efforts both on and off campus. After graduation, Rachel hopes to pursue environmental law so she can continue to push for more pro-environmental initiatives and legislation. 

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Staria Martin

Visual Communications, Undergraduate


 stariamartin32@huskers.unl.edumail ico

Staria is a Graphic Design Major working towards her BFA in Graphic Design. At the office, they create visual graphics for sustainability practices from the office and other affiliates with sustainability. They strive to make their graphics easy to read and to understand from an audience perspective, wanting to make sustainability fun for them. They have been a supporter of sustainability since they were young and continue to be one on campus. They love learning more about sustainability and acts to make their life more sustainable.