Who We Are

Our Mission and Vision

Resources are Limited

We believe in doing all we can with what we have.

New Problems will Arise

We believe in the power of human innovation to solve problems.

Neither Nebraska nor the World will Wait

We believe that we must lead first and foremost by example but also through advocacy.


The Office of Sustainability develops strategies and action plans, and provides support for sustainability initiatives within the UNL campuses and community. These initiatives are developed in order to create a culture of faculty, staff and students who are socially, economically and environmentally responsible.


We strive to integrate sustainability into the core mission of the university through teaching, research, service and extension. We are committed to projects that make efficient use of our resources in order to create a more sustainable campus and community.

Morgan's Image

Morgan Hartman

Acting Sustainability Coordinator

Project Coordinator, Recycling Services

 mbattes@unl.edumail ico

Morgan serves as UNL's full-time Recycling Coordinator and works closely with the Office of Sustainability in her role. She is responsible for daily campus recycling operations, education and outreach, and exploring new opportunities to make recycling easier and more efficient on campus! Morgan graduated from UNL in 2017 with a B.S. in Natural Resource and Environmental Economics and is passionate about engaging her alma mater in positive recycling habits. 

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Anna Oetting

Communications Specialist, GA

 aoetting2@huskers.unl.edumail ico

Anna is a master’s student in School of Natural Resources. Her role in the office is overseeing communities for the office. This includes posting in social media, writing press releases, providing a newsletter, and promoting sustainable events and programs. Sustainability is an important topic in Anna’s life so she looks forward to growing in her knowledge on the topic and spreading that knowledge with the University of Nebraska community. 

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Breanna Epp

Graphic Designer, Undergraduate

 breanna.epp@huskers.unl.edumail ico

Breanna is a junior undergrad double majoring in Graphic Design and Art History & Criticism. The main work that she does for the office is creating graphics for social media, advertising, and signage to hang around campus. She also designs reports and brochures to create professional and eye-catching documents. Breanna is excited to work for the Office of Sustainability to help promote the work the office is doing and getting more people excited about sustainability. 

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Kjersten Hyberger

Sustainability Specialist, Undergraduate

 khyberger2@huskers.unl.edumail ico

Kjersten is Junior studying Environmental Studies major with a Law and Policy focus. She is specifically interested in the area of Indigenous Resource Rights. Kjersten’s main role in the office is helping collect and analyze STARS data. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family, any type of outdoor traveling, and paddle boarding. After graduating she is hoping to continue her education and work towards a master degree. 

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Rachel Summers

Sustainability Specialist, Undergraduate

 rsummers9@huskers.unl.edumail ico

Rachel is a first-year Environmental Studies major. Rachel is currently studying to go into Environmental Law where she hopes to eventually write environmental legislature, putting a focus on the need for sustainable practices and social justice issues within current policies. Rachel’s main focus in the office is working with the data from the STARS program and figuring out ways to improve the university’s scores and overall sustainability. She is excited for the opportunity to explore sustainability policies and practices. 

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Evan Hutchison

Sustainability Specialist, Undergraduate

 ehutchison3@huskers.unl.edumail ico

Evan is a freshman majoring in environmental studies and German. He is very passionate about ethics and human rights in sustainability. In the office, Evan analyzes archive data and look for areas UNL can improve in, and how UNL can go about doing so. In his free time he enjoys doing art like photography and drawing, and studying languages (German, Russian, and Icelandic for 5, 3, and 3 years respectively). In the future, Evan hopes to be able to combine his loves of environmentalism and language by working on advancing ethical and sustainable practices around the world.