UNL Office of Sustainability plans its first sustainability Summit

Thursday, July 27, 2017
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The Office of Sustainability is excited to announce the first annual Sustainability Summit on Wednesday, September 6 at 3 pm in the Nebraska City Campus Union. The goals of the Summit are:
  • to inform students about UNL sustainability goals and educate them about different sustainability practices
  • to provide networking opportunities for students interested in environmental issues on campus
  • to teach students new skills to be successful in sustainability advocacy in their own lives, organizations, and communities

UNL has made great sustainable strides in the past five years, including the establishment of the Office of Sustainability, implementation of the Student Green Fund fee, and a variety of projects that resonate with student and faculty lifestyles on campus. Currently, UNL has a "Silver" rating for its sustainability practices. The Office of Sustainability is working with different campus entities to improve UNL's current rating to "Gold". The Summit will allow the OS to inform students on how they can help UNL take greater steps and be a long-term champion of sustainability.

The event will begin with a short presentation on behalf of the Office of Sustainability to demonstrate how we liaison projects among student groups. Students will then have the opportunity to network and meet with environmental groups on campus, including the ASUN Environmental Sustainability Committee, Sustain UNL, and UNL Recycling. There will be two breakout sessions featuring topics such as impacts of climate change in Nebraska, sustainable lifestyles, applying for the Student Green Fund, and event organizing and social media. Each session will feature faculty and students sharing their experiences about how to get involved in sustainability through organizations, volunteering and student-led projects.

The OS hopes that the Summit will kick off the new school year with more organized focus on our sustainability goals with collaboration from all campus entities for greater support for sustainability initiatives in the future. Please share this event with interested faculty and students.

Attendees will receive a free reusable bag and water bottle. Snacks will also be provided.

Register for the event at: http://go.unl.edu/jps8