Where do Graphics Come From?

Thursday, February 18, 2021
Written by:
Breanna Epp
Breanna Epp

Hi, my name's Breanna Epp, I started as the graphic designer for the Office of Sustainability back at the beginning of August 2020. I jumped right in with my first major project to create signage for the OS's biggest event of the year, the Sustainability Summit. While this was kind of daunting at first, I was supported by my team, and it helped me gain confidence with the office. Since that giant task, I have taken on a variety of projects from creating signs and handouts for the new Recycling Pilot Program to creating templates for social media posts. The way I describe my job, is taking the ideas of my teammates and creating something visually beautiful and interesting.

My largest task by far was designing the University of Nebraska's Environment, Sustainability, and Resilience Master Plan. This plan, written by the Chancellor's Commission, discussed the future of sustainability at the University. I was given the task to take all of the information and create a document that was presentable to the public. After spending two months working on it alongside my other projects, the final project was polished and everything I had hoped!

I've been so grateful to have these opportunities and am looking forward to creating many other wonderful projects with the UNL community and the OS.