Sustainability Bingo

Sustainability Bingo is a rewarding way to learn about how UNL is committed to sustainability and the individual actions faculty, staff, and students can take to make a difference and help UNL reach its sustainability goals! Bingo activities represent the different dimensions of sustainability and are intended to foster increased awareness around why sustainability is the smart choice for UNL and how individuals can achieve greater sustainability in their lives on campus.

How to Play:

  1. Download the Bingo PDF to view the activities and additional instructions.

  2. Fill out any blank spaces and add a check mark to the activities you complete (don’t forget to download the PDF and save your progress).

  3. Complete five sustainability actions in a row, column, or diagonal to earn a bingo.

    • Participants are eligible to earn incentives based on the number of bingos completed.

      • Tier 1 = Complete 1 bingo

      • Tier 2 = Complete 3 bingos

      • Tier 3 = Complete all bingo activities

  4. Once you have completed bingo (Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3), submit your bingo card as a pdf, jpg, or png using the upload form.

    • Once submitted, you’ll receive instructions on choosing your incentive. Incentives are designed to help you continue to build sustainable habits in your life on campus.

Download the Sustainability Bingo PDF