Chancellor's Environment, Sustainability and Resilience Commission

The Chancellor's Environment, Sustainability and Resilience Commission (CESRC) provides strategic recommendations to the Chancellor relating to campus sustainability initiatives, the development of resilient infrastructure systems, and socially responsible economic practices through the involvement of all major stakeholders within the University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL).


Promote the environmental, social, and economic well-being of UNL and its stakeholders through the socially responsible stewardship of resources and creation of resilient systems that are adaptable and able to recover from short- and long-term environmental and technological changes.


Create a culture that applies sustainability-centric values and practices to everything we do at UNL.


To build a more sustainable and resilient community for all citizens in keeping with our land grant mission.

Membership and Responsibilities

The Commission will consist of nine members – two co-chairpersons and seven action team leaders. The co-chairs will be the UNL Sustainability Coordinator and the Director of UNL Sustainability Initiatives - a UNL faculty member appointed by the Chancellor. Each of the seven action teams will elect a team leader that will serve as a member of the Commission.

The Commission will develop and update the UNL Environment, Sustainability and Resilience Master Plan that will instruct the integration of sustainability into business practices. The Commission will establish University-wide goals, outcomes, timelines, responsibilities, and metrics. The Master Plan will also draw upon the action plans that will be developed by each of the action teams. The Commission will oversee the integration and implementation of the action plans from the action teams to achieve the University-wide outcomes.

Action Teams

There are seven action teams that have general areas of responsibility:

  • Teaching & Learning
    • Adam Thompson, Amy Schmidt, Anthony Schutz, Ben Wingerter, Christine Haney Douglass, Dana Fritz, Jennifer Ruyle, Hannah Opfer, Julia Torquati, Katharine Hogan, Katherine Nashleanas and Tom Lynch.
  • Health & Wellness
    • Alison Stewart, Boyd Epley, Carly Morse, Dale Kruse, Kat Woerner, Keith Zaborowski, Luke Andersen, Sherri Tompkins and Sydney Brown.
  • Research & Innovation
    • Clay Lewis, Connor McFadden, Emma Clausen, Daniel Piatkowski, Sam Wortman, Kristi Barmore, Stacy Asher, Tom Larson and Ursula Kreitmair.
  • Land Resources & Ecosystems
    • Brenda Osthus, Charles Francis, Connor Barnes, Craig Allen, Eric North, Kendall Weyers, Simanti Banerjee, Tyler Quick and Kim Todd.
  • Campus Operations
    • Amanda Christi, Drew Haven, Erica DeFrain, Joel Webb, Jon Garbisch, Linda Pickett, Seth Krone-Keith and Sharon Kuska.
  • Campus Facilities
    • Amanda Colborn, Emily Casper, Gary Kimmianau, Hannah Cass, John Hay, Kyle Cacciatore, Sneha Bhoir, Steve Bowen and Tim Wentz.
  • Community Engagement
    • Alyssa Amen, Adam Wagler, Elizabeth Park, Joseph Holmes, Katrina Jagodinsky, Mike Shambaugh-Miller, Liana Calegare, Sarah Rakes, Morgan Battes and Troy Thompson.

Action teams consist of five (5) to eight (8) members including at least one student. Members are selected through a simple and transparent application process. Each action team will create action plans that identify goals, outcomes, timelines, responsible parties, and metrics for their area of responsibility. These will serve as the foundation of the UNL Environment, Sustainability and Resilience Master Plan. Each action team will have access to student support through the Sustainability Office to conduct the necessary research and provide logistical support.

Read the Charges for each Action Team

Selection Process

For the chance to serve on one of the action teams and potentially the CESRC, you must first submit an application or nomination form through the Sustainability Office website. Applications include a statement of relevant experience and expertise, and the identification of the action teams that you would most like to be involved with. The ad-hoc UNL Sustainability Initiative Team will be responsible for selecting the first action team members based on relevant expertise. The UNL Sustainability Initiative Team consists of co-chairs Dave Gosselin and Prabhakar Shrestha, and members Amy Goodburn, Sharon Kuska, Linda Major, Julia McQuillan, Josh Overocker, Kim Todd, and Tim Wentz. Once all action team members have been selected, members of each action team will select who among them will serve as their Action Team Chair. Action Team Chairs will represent their action teams as members of the CESRC. After the initial action team appointments, future action team members will be selected by the members of the CESRC, if needed.

Here is the timeline for the initial selection process:

  • March 15th, 2019 - Application deadline for action team participation
  • April 8th, 2019 - Invitations for action team participation will be sent out
  • April 15th, 2019 - Responses to invitations due 
  • Week of April 22nd, 2019 (Earth Week) - Public announcement of CESRC & action team members
  • August 14-15, 2019 - CESRC Planning Retreat 

Nominate yourself or someone to the CESRC Action Team


The Commission and action teams shall meet based on need. The co-chairpersons are responsible for calling Commission meetings, preparing the agenda, and presiding at meetings. Action team leaders are responsible for calling action team meetings, preparing the agenda, and presiding at meetings.